By: Annette Teijeiro MD – AAPS Nevada Chapter Coordinator
Former Candidate for Nevada State Senate

Annette Teijeiro, M.D.

It is interesting that most businesses favor government work because it usually pays well and once you have friendly legislators (usually through lobbying efforts/political contributions) who support you, the contracts keep coming your way. Unlike for hospitals, in our medical practice, the payment for healthcare services rendered to people on our government healthcare plans is the complete opposite. Medicaid patients are usually the most demanding, least compliant, the most litigious, the most labor intensive in workforce costs, heck the regulatory red tape is exhausting, and yet the lowest reimbursed. Medicare & TriCare have been heading down this path as well. Now the private health insurance plans are beginning with PPACA. I am sure Halliburton would not work under these conditions but doctors and nurses do.

By the way, all of this is happening along with increasing requirements for recertification by hospitals, health insurance networks, and state licensing boards in all practice areas since the late 1990’s which costs patients healthcare workforce time (less face to face hands-on time), directly thousands of dollars in new taxes, and indirectly thousands of dollars in wasteful unnecessary mediocre care. The worse part is it takes away time we could spend on patient care because of the weeks of preparation courses, time spent logging your patient procedure/treatment logs, and taking the actual exam. And, since we all have this incredible amount of free time on our hands (sarcasm noted), we also will spend our vacation and family time jumping through this unending mass of regulatory hoops. None of this has been proven to improve patient care but most of this will certainly take away from patient care.

Interestingly, the lawyers do not have to do this, once they pass their state bar exam they are free to practice in almost any type of area of the law they choose and this can change whenever they freely decide to do so. They are only required to take Continuing Legal Education to maintain their license. This would be the equivalent of receiving your Medical Degree and then taking Continuing Medical Education to maintain your license but being able to practice any area of medicine you felt comfortable in. Unfortunately for doctors, the legislatures are composed of many lawyers, very few doctors, and our academicians lobby in favor of increasing their power over and collecting money from the private practice doctor at every turn. Please understand that this is a massively profitable business for the certification boards, academic institutions, and all at the expense of patients’ access to affordable care.

We need to stop this insanity before patients die! American trained quality experienced doctors are dwindling in numbers. About 25% of doctors are over the age of 55, many are turning to VIP/concierge practices, and some will retire early once the new healthcare law is fully implemented. There has been a noticeable change in the new doctors coming out of training in the last decade with less altruistic dedication, more expectation of a salaried predictable hours type positions & benefit packages, and less overall hands-on experience. Those trained prior to the 21st century were the best and the brightest of their time so they will do well in many other areas once they leave healthcare. Once they leave medical practice these very regulations will make it impossible to get them back. We must act now, time is short, 2014 is around the corner!

Our federal and state governments are both accelerating this healthcare disaster at logarithmic rates. The government is making promises that it cannot keep by their own massive regulatory fiat. This is why making acceptance of Medicaid and Medicare mandatory along with the aforementioned requirements for state medical licensing will further escalate the disintegration of quality healthcare access. The Nevada State Legislature starts February 4, 2013 and the legislators begin orientation just before that in Carson City.

We the People can stop this insanity by educating the silent majority and organizing massive demonstrations of a diverse group of people. We need to speak now or forever hold our peace as we watch America disintegrate into a 2nd world and then a 3rd world country within our lifetime! Please join us now, we need everyone, the young, old, blue-collar & white-collar workers, retired, military personnel & veterans, rich, middle class & poor, every race or religion, etc… We are fighting for our LIVES now!


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