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AAPS Nevada Members and Friends,

Please read the below note from Nevada Anesthesiologist, Annette Teijeiro, MD, and take action today!

Would you want to pay the same amount you pay now for your own anesthesiologist in your surgery room but get 1/4 of an anesthesiologist because you share time with 3 other asleep patients?  Heaven forbid there is a problem in two of the four rooms at the same time.  Who will get saved and who will be ignored?

The anesthesiologists shortages are fabrications or artificially created by administrative red-tape and hostile environment created by hospital administrations.

There is more to this but if SB 181 passes our lives in Nevada will change and so will the entire western states.  Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAs) have been trying for 5 years to get into Utah but the surgeons have effectively blocked them there.  Most surgeons I have spoken with have no idea this is even being considered.  The surgeons can’t believe that after years of hearing how much safer anesthesiologists are that these anesthesiologists would want an even lower trained assistant in our ORs!

They claim there is an anesthesiologists shortage and that no one wants to come to Nevada.  But the job offers are below national average so of course they didn’t get any valid candidates.  The ASA is unbelievable because they quote 52,000 members but don’t bother to differentiate between anesthesiologist members, residents, CRNAs, AAs, PhDs, or any other non-anesthesiologist members.  The ASA is like the AMA or the AARP who endorsed Obamacare.The testimonies are very deceptive and we can clearly change this if we show up in numbers. The letter from the former Director of NV Medicaid, Charles Duarte, who deceased anesthesiologists’ reimbursement by 43% in 2010 and is now a bureaucrat somewhere else & is especially offensive since he helped create some of our problems. Mr. Duarte purposely lowered all NV Medicaid reimbursement to prepare for the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion which almost quadrupled the numbers of Medicaid patients and has really made treating Medicaid patients financially unsound. The NV Medicaid Expansion is straining our healthcare delivery system, will cost us higher taxes this legislative session and potentially cause doctors to leave Nevada rather than face bankruptcy.

ACI (which Dean Polce, DO is a member of) and the big group up north are the ones who seem to want this bill for obvious reasons.

We need patients, family, friends, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and anyone you can get to attend TODAY’S hearing to simply state or sign-in on the record to be “Against” this bill.

Where: Grant Sawyer Building, 4th floor, 555 E. Washington Blvd., Room 4401, Las Vegas Nevada, this is on the northeast corner of Las Vegas Blvd. & Washington across from Cashman Field.

When: Hearing starts at 1:30pm TODAY!

What: Assembly Commerce & Labor Committee Hearing on SB181

If you are stuck in the office or simply can’t rearrange your day to make it, you can still voice opposition.

To share your opposition to this bill CLICK HERE and select or type in SB181.  Tell everyone you know to log on. Type in their name, home street address so the assembly member knows his/her constituents are against this bill.  Entering Email and other information is optional. Click “Submit” once you have selected “Against.”  Placing a comment is optional.

You can also call or email the committee members by clicking on the imbedded links below:

Randy Kirner Chairman   

Victoria Seaman Vice-Chairman   

Note: Red names are Republican, Blue names are Democrat and the two bold names are co-sponsors of the bill.  We can stop this if everyone speaks up and opposes this bill.  If we remain silent the legislators will not understand the serious problems this law will create for Nevadans. 


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